Who We Are: Leak Detection and Construction

Tri City Leak Detective and Construction is a professional leak detection business. We use non-invasive techniques to pinpoint the location of any leaks in your water system. Servicing all of the greater Tri-Cities area, including Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland along with Benton City, Hermiston, Umatilla, and more, we can help you in a water leak emergency. Along with leak detection we also offer many construction services.

Why We Do Leak Detection in the Tri-Cities

We know water leaks can be both stressful and expensive as your water meter never stops going. That’s why we offer SAME DAY or NEXT DAY services to better fit your needs. Leaks in irrigation lines can not only cause massive flooding, but may damage your entire water system. If left unchecked, water leaks can lead to extremely high costs on your water bill, unhealthy lawns and plant life, soggy areas in your grass, damaged foundations, and even more serious issues down the road. It’s critical to get your water lines examined for leaks if you notice any of these events taking place.

Don’t Have a Leak?

Aside from water leak detection, we also offer preventative measures in the Tri-Cities. It’s hard to plan without knowing where your lines are, so we can come out and simply locate your water lines for you as well. Be more prepared when disaster does strike, or prepare for your next upgrade! Always wanted to build that beautiful patio? Check your water lines first! Want to dig out a new and improved garden? We can make sure you won’t be hitting your pipes when you get to work! Whatever your need is, we can assist you.

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